Certified quality assurance
Certified quality assurance, scope
- Reciving inspection
- Production control
- Finished goods control
- Cleaning
- Personal hygiene

Increasing attention is being focused on problems with foodborne diseases and the risk of ingesting microbiologically contaminated food.

The confidence consumers have in producers and distributors is therefore of the utmost importance.

At SKARE we are highly aware of these conditions and have therefore implemented a quality assurance system that places emphasis on preventive inspection for the express purpose of maintaining food standards. The system has been approved by the Danish veterinary authorities.

SKARE's quality system does not only meet the HACCP requirements laid down by the Danish Veterinary Service as a minimum but is more far-reaching, in that a number of parameters of significance to meat and consumption quality and special customer aspects are also covered by the system.

SKARE's facilities are modern; controlled growth has necessitated continuous capacity extension and the technological updating of the production apparatus. Thus, in terms of production technology, the company is among the world leaders.

A strategic alliance has been entered into with a very limited number of suppliers. This step was taken to ensure quality and uniformity as early as the raw material selection stage.