Certified quality assurance
Certified quality assurance, scope
- Reciving inspection
- Production control
- Finished goods control
- Cleaning
- Personal hygiene
This control covers:
  • Room temperature, hygiene, bacteriology

Throughout the entire processing sequence a room temperature of under 10°C and a product temperature of under 5°C are maintained. This ensures products of optimum bacteriological quality.
In addition to certificated quality assurance and cleaning control, the official veterinary service performs daily inspection which includes the company as a whole, raw materials and finished goods.

  • Product specification

Cuts are sorted so that the meat is used for the purposes for which it is best suited. Before items are packaged, they are once more examined by one of our specially trained quality inspectors. Finally, the items are packaged and matured in our store so that they are tender and ready to eat when they arrive at the consumers !